The Seven Circles

Hello and welcome everyone, to the Seven Circles!
Here, you will finally have your chance at making your mark in history
Starting from the bottom, your personality and charm might carry you all the way
Here, everyone is equal, no one is better or more famous than another
But, there are many others who also dream about ascending the spiral
Will you be one of the few who make it to the top – the seventh circle?
Or, are you forever destined to remain among the masses
Unknown, and without a claim to fame to your name

In the Seven Circles, you are who you choose to be

The Seven Circles is a larp about the people at the bottom of society. It is about regular people trying to be extraordinary, hoping to gain the upper hand in a world that doesn’t care. Be yourself, be someone else, promise the world or confess your sins – whatever it takes to rise up. But, this larp is not about the competition to win, but what it does to people when they try. Who will pretend to be someone they’re not, who will find a new friend for life and who will fall in love?

What is true is that you are who you choose to be, but the system is rigged against you. Welcome to The Seven Circles of Fame.

Basic Info:
This larp is set in the Androids universe and inspired by the Netflix show “The Circle”, with a nod to Dante’s Inferno. 

The Seven Circles is a chat-based larp that runs between August the 3rd and August the 14th. There are four groups of ten players, divided into different time slots.

The larp will run for two hours per day at set times and take place in text chats on Discord. It is run in English.

Attending The Seven Circles costs €12 (including a €2 service fee) with half of the proceeds going to charity. Read more about this under Practical.

This is a larp that is built around an agreement of secrecy. We wish for all players not to disclose to others who they are playing and which circle they are in, but it is okay to tell people that you are attending the larp.

The reason for this is that we wish for everyone to participate without being affected by any off-game friendships or alliances. We wish for your characters to be in-game competitive and scheming, but not your off-game selves.

In your casting form there will be a space for you to state if there are any people that you don’t feel comfortable with attending the same larp as you, which we will take into account. It will not be possible to request to be in the same circle as someone else.

How do I join?
You join this larp by purchasing a ticket in the shop when they go on sale on Wednesday 17 June 2020 at 8 PM CET. After you have done this, you will receive a casting form within 24 hours, provided you have been accepted to the larp. If for any reason you are not allowed to attend, you will receive an e-mail stating this, as well as a refund.

We reserve the right to, at any time, revoke your right to attend the larp. If this should happen prior to the larp, you will receive a full refund.

In cases other than these, your ticket is considered non-refundable, to minimise administrative work on our side.