In this larp we wish to explore the written word. How people communicate over text, when they can’t see each other or know whether what is being presented is true or not.

We wish people to enter into this larp with no off-game connections. To simply see what happens when anonymity rules.

We hope that the bi-daily sessions will feel approachable and like a low-energy commitment, and that it will be easy to stay in character and let your in-game self, rather than your off-game self, compete.

We hope it will engage the players so that they stay interested in the larp, even if they’ve been eliminated.

We realise that this set-up may trigger competitive elements in our players, but hope that they will be able to play on their character’s competitiveness rather than their own. The scenario itself is ”Play to lose”, as the characters will most likely not reach the televised seventh circle. They are not famous, influential or interesting enough to truly become stars.

Expectation Management
Because of how the elimination works, most people will be eliminated before the larp is at an end. After the 10th August there are no safety mechanisms in place to keep you in, meaning that the larp will be over for you if you are eliminated then. You will have to accept that it is part of the experience. However, you are guaranteed eight days of larping.

We wish for you to remain anonymous, since we think it will make the game more balanced. We expect you to adhere to this rule. You will be given the chance to state people who you think shouldn’t attend the larp in your sign-up form.

The game is text based, and as such, this will be your source of communication. Though the GM:s (who play Admins) will insert competitions and other activities, an important part of your play will be through writing with each other. You need to enjoy this form of interaction and be active in writing to others to enjoy this game.  

For a few hours each day you will be allowed to write to each other, despite it not being a session that is led by an Admin. This is something that will most likely improve your experience, but it is not necessary to take part in this to attend the larp.