Your Character

At this larp you will play an ordinary person who is not famous or influential, but who has entered this competition in order to climb the Fame ladder. If your character chooses to be a catfish, you will enter your circle under a fake name and pretend to be someone else.

You will spend two hours per day in a chat with other competitors. In this chat you will play games, talk about life and form friendships and alliances.

Every few days there will be an elimination when you will need to turn in a ranking. The two people who end up at the top of this ranking will determine which two people at the bottom of the ranking they want to eliminate.

If you are eliminated you will be moved to a secondary circle – a second chance in a way. There you have a chance of once again being moved up into a primary circle and therefore staying in the competition.

However, this secondary circle will only exist for the first eight days of the competition, meaning that if you are not in a primary circle when it closes down, you are out of the race.

At the end of the competition, one victor will be crowned in each primary circle, and they receive the opportunity to compete in the next level, continuing their journey towards reaching Circle 7, which is the main event.

All others are eliminated from the competition.