Detailed Schedule

Before the Larp:
After you have purchased your ticket, you will be sent a casting form, that you should fill in as quickly as possible.

One week before the larp you will receive your character, as well as instructions for how to join your Discord server.

How it starts:
One hour before the first session we will have an introductory workshop, where the GM (who plays the Admin Virgil) will start a voice chat. You will join this voice chat with your mic and video turned off. Any questions you may have will be written to the Admin and answered during the workshop.

Then it is time to start the larp. At the beginning of each session the Admin will tell you if it is a normal chat session or if anything in particular is going to happen. If there is an event, the Admin will guide you through it, step-by-step.

When it is time for an elimination, each person will turn in a ranking, and one or more people will be sent home.

The Safety Net
If you are eliminated during the first week, you are placed in a secondary circle. There you will have a chance of climbing up into a primary circle again. After eight days, however, the secondary circle shuts down and all eliminations are final.

Real or Not?
Players can opt in to catfishing, i.e. pretending to be someone else. If they are a catfish, they will use a different name on their profile, and make up details about who they are. All characters are aware that this is a possibility, so there is always a suspicion that someone is not who they say they are.

Exit Rankings
When someone has been eliminated, they turn in an exit ranking. This will help determine the winner of the circle. They will also be allowed to chat with one other person in their circle.

Answers Revealed
The day after an elimination, the eliminated characters presentation will be uploaded, as well as a 140 character long message for the circle. That way, people will know if they were who they said they were.

I’m Eliminated – What Do I Do?
If you are eliminated after day 8, you are free to lurk in your chat to see what happens to the other characters. You will also be sent a link to a player Facebook group where you can talk about your experience and discuss what is happening in the larp.

The Final
On the last day, the three people who are still in the race will have their identities revealed. That way everyone will know if they are a catfish or not, but it will not affect the result of the competition. The winner will be determined through the exit rankings and revealed in the chat. That person will advance to the next round, while everyone else is out of the competition.

After the winner is announced the larp is over. We will open up a voice chat in each circle where we will debrief the larp, as well as send the finalists an invitation to a Facebook group for all players.

We will send you an evaluation form by e-mail, that we would appreciate if you filled out to help us improve the larp. We ask that you don’t send us criticism in private messages, or criticise players or organisers in the Facebook group. Be nice to each other.